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Trusted Medicine is an attempt to help the Public and the NHS.  The site went live a few months ago, but the concept has existed for roughly a year. After working as Junior Doctor for the NHS, I felt that I could do more. The public seemed relatively unaware of disease, how it works and how the NHS saves lives. I took it upon myself, with the help of others, to try and change things. The result is Trusted Medicine

Recieving department, 3am, staff cuts have socked up the overage

I’ll take you back to 2016. It’s 5 am, I’m writing a piece for a well known Health website. There is a half-full coffee next to my computer, the gentle tones of Sigur Ros in the air, and a tired, shaky Junior Doctor in the seat. In front of him sits an hours work, research, writing, editing. Behind that sits around a year of weekly submissions covering subjects ranging from Spiders to Cancer. In front of him lies another week of 12-hour shifts, death, life and patients.  In my early morning stupor, I decided to try and make a bigger difference.

I see today with a newsprint fray

As first a medical student, then a junior doctor, I have marvelled at how much a little communication meant to people. Whether it was discussing a diagnosis, or simply explaining a concept, I could see that patients both desired and clung to information. Working in the emergency department I was regularly struck with how many patients would walk red faced away from the Minors department, realising that their cold or wart wasn’t an emergency. I marveled at the light behind the eyes of those recognising the power of knowledge, a world brightened by a new understanding.  Information, as a doctor, is power. As a patient it’s freedom.

Im the screen, the blinding light, I’m the screen, I work at night

So I had a problem. The NHS is breaking. People are scared. I had a solution. People are interested, intelligent and they listen. How could I help them? I could go to work every day, see patients, be part of the team. Check. But what else? How about I take this communication, this bastion of connection, and make it bigger. It was then I began the precursor to Trusted Medicine, my blog Mind and Medicine. My goal, help the public by reporting on health news, the NHS and what affected them. It was a daily job, 5 am, the alarm goes off, coffee on, fingers to the ready.

The Bull and the Bear are Marking their territories

But I couldn’t do it alone. I needed help. Thankfully I came across some wonderful people willing to help. Students, enthusiastic, most of the time sober, who would help me. I commissioned, they wrote, I would edit, then we published. The move was growing,  the word was getting out. People were reading, commenting, learning, benefiting. We began to make a difference. The next step was to go bigger, to recruit more, to direct work, analyse markets, track trends and really target those in need. We wanted to help more people, educate, inform and connect. Trusted Medicine was born

I see today

Trusted Medicine is growing. Not just in readership, but in quality, quantity, and ambition. We now have 50 writers on staff, a growing team of editors, are building relationships with Universities and Health Groups. We are seeking work with Charities. Our dream is to help the public, educate and empower, save the NHS and save people.  We are helping students to learn, publish and grow.

At least, that’s the dream.

Don’t wake me.

I would like to thank the following for their support, input, and patience. All have helped in different ways. Darren, Billie, Joe, Samantha, Patrick, Nick and Victoria Janaway. Karien, Solly, Kate and Elizabeth Reed. Ben Butcher, Will Burrage, George Aitch, Lewis Germain, David Gregg, Kerry Stott, Jac Berry, Arpan Doshi, Camilla Laure, Hannah Arnstein, Condon, Nicola Koo, Helena Fordham,  Nesem Al-Ali, Sophie Lee, Ben Green, Richard Harrold, Simon Ruffell, Daniel Bunce, Peter Stefanovic, Kishan Rees, Will Zwanenberg, Stella Bolam, Kyle Stewart, Rebecca Randall, Marcin Klingbalj, Jay Richardson, David Bratt, Matthew Clark, Thea Rogers, Ishan Radotra, John Ransom, Kerry-Anne Mendoza, James Wright, Jessica Gay, Ed Sykes, Joseph Atukunda, Marianne Durand, Ross Barr-Hoyland, Hassan Saleem,  Youssef El-Gingihy, Yannis Gourtsoyannis, Duncan Shrewsbury, Laura Petri, Chris Day, Rachel Clarke, Rishi Dhir, Aislin Macklin-Doherty ,Isi Ernst, Maddie Holowachuck, Isabelle Lamon and many more.

At Trusted Medicine we want to help the public by sharing Health and Science News and Research.  We love what we do, but we need your help to reach others. Please share our work. One share on FB, Twitter or even yelling from your window can help hundreds, be part of the change. If you want to connect with us, please see below. Article proofed and edited for publication by Dr. BM Janaway

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